Who we are

The Konavle Agrotourism Association was officially founded by a group of enthusiasts in 2010 with a clear concept and a new strategy for the economic development of Konavle. Today we are the bearers of most of the activities of rural tourism development in Konavle and we gather more than 60 members, bearers of agrotourism offer and potential entrepreneurs. From the very beginning, the Association has been functioning professionally and continuously implementing programs aimed at developing and promoting the rural development of Konavle. The Association of Agrotourism Konavle carries out all activities with the relevant institutions in the Republic of Croatia, and its partners based on previous good practice and cooperation. The development and promotion of rural tourism in Konavle, the southernmost Croatian region, greatly encourages positive economic, social and landscape development and management.

Vision & Mision

Vision: Development of Konavle as a destination of excellence in rural tourism using the advantages of location, our potentials and cultural heritage.

Mission: Raising the quality of life to make Konavle a desirable and attractive place to live for the existing population and new families.


The Konavle Agrotourism Association brings together representatives of agrotourism entrepreneurs, producers of agricultural products, winemakers, olive growers, providers of tourist and catering services, traditional craftsmen, potential entrepreneurs and lovers of Konavle. The members are the bearers of all activities of Agrotourism in Konavle and with their volunteer work and other contributions they help the work of the Association in order to develop rural tourism and promote Konavle. Through joint engagement, education and exchange of experiences, we enrich ourselves and the space in which we live.

Membership in the Association is voluntary and carries the rights and obligations defined by the statute of the Association.


Agrotourism Konavle stands out with a number of activities and activities on the development of rural tourism, organizing events, education of entrepreneurs in rural tourism such as: organization of traditional events such as Christmas Scents in Konavle, organization of educational trips for (potential) entrepreneurs in rural tourism, participation and presentation of Konavle at tourism fairs, cooperation with relevant institutions on a number of projects important for rural tourism development, cooperation with Croatian and foreign representatives of rural tourism regions, ie the entire spectrum of activities aimed at continuous promotion and development of rural tourism in Konavle.

In the coming period, we plan to work even more comprehensively and intensively on the development and promotion of rural tourism in Konavle. This primarily implies further development, promotion and branding of traditional Konavle products, such as Konavle wines, Konavle cheese, Konavle honey, Konavle prosciutto, olive oil, dried figs and traditional sweets, souvenirs and more. In addition, it implies the development of catering and tourist offer of rural family farms, primarily the further development of accommodation facilities in rural areas, and their standardization and organization of a unified offer and sales.