Family Farm Household Novaković

Family Farm Household Novaković

The farmhouse is a household maintained by family Novaković. It is located in the village Čiliši (3 km from Cavtat, 17 km from Dubrovnik). It is suitable for organized trips presenting the life in the countryside in the past and present.

When visiting our Country house it is possible to walk along the garden and see the agricultural goods and a barn for livestock, a small folk museum which consists of three small arches representing a part of history of Konavle region and a tavern with a wine cellar and a selling room with exhibited handmade souvenirs.

The Country house is partly several hundred years old and some parts have been added over centuries to the present state. The whole construction was badly damaged in the Homeland war in 1991 and restored later. Since 2000 it has become a part of the household situated in the charming rural setting which gives you an idea of an ancient village life.

Most of the products on the table are grown on our own soil and we strongly recommend our home made cheese and smoked ham, dry figs, our wine, olive oil, a special herb brandy called travarica and other liqueurs. All these products could also be bought at our household as well as the traditional embroidery from Konavle.

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Family Farm Household Novaković
Niko Novaković
Bistroće 2, 20213 Čilipi
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