15 things you can experience in Konavle


Enjoy hiking on Konavle trails and landscapes

Hiking through beautiful landscapes and forest paths nourishes the body and spirit and leaves no one indifferent. Attractive walking routes that lead past cultural and historical sites, numerous taverns and wineries are a great opportunity for recreation and exploring this unique and rich region. Put on comfortable clothes and shoes, take a bottle of water and plan the route according to what you'd like to see most.


Spend an unforgettable vacation in Konavale accommodation facilities

Spend your vacation in one of the many rural accommodation facilities that offer an authentic ambience away from the city bustle. Whether you opt for a luxury villa, apartment or room you will enjoy the touch of nature in peace and quiet. Take the opportunity to get acquainted with the tradition, gastronomy, cultural and natural wealth of Konavle. Whether you want to recharge your spirit, rest your body or encourage creativity, take a look at the offers of accommodation facilities and choose the best one for you.


Taste excellent wines in Konavle vineyards

Konavle provides a wonderful opportunity to discover the magic of wine tasting at a place where the production process begins, in the vineyard. Whether you are exploring on your own or opting for an organized wine tour, you will see first hand the vines which produce the grapes, hear the host's story and make a toast with them. Here you can walk through the vineyard, pick ripe grapes from the vine, sit on the grass in the shade of the vine and drink excellent white and red Konavle wines to the sounds of nature and the chirping of birds. The Konavle vineyards offer a wide selection of labels and wine varieties that will satisfy everyone's taste.


Experience a romantic sunset in Cavtat with an evening walk around Rat

The old town of Cavtat is located on the hill of the wooded peninsula of Rat. The smell of the sea, green pines and cypresses will fill every pore of your body as you walk along the promenade around Cavtat along the clear sea, bays and beaches. At sunset, stop and turn towards the Adriatic Sea, with your back guarded by one of the most harmonious towns in the Mediterranean. As the last rays of the sun caress your face, take a deep breath and you will feel the joy of the moment, the beauty of the place and happiness because you are exactly where you are. With its stunning sunsets that will delight you, Cavtat is one of the most romantic cities on the Adriatic coast.


Learn to cook the traditional dishes of your hosts

Participate in a cooking school in Konavle households and enrich both your stay and cooking skills. With the hosts, pick and collect the necessary local ingredients for fresh, tasty and fragrant dishes that you will prepare in a traditional setting. Simple, and healthy and light dishes are the basis of local cuisine. Finally, enjoy the prepared food and toast with a glass of top local wine. You will be amazed at how much fun cooking can be. You will remember the tastes of old dishes for a long time, and while you prepare them for your friends, they will take you back to Konavle every time.


Participate in traditional wine production

Every year in September, when the grapes get the greatest sweetness and when nature begins to get a golden color, a harvesting event is held in Konavle. It symbolically marks and celebrates the successful grape harvest from which excellent wines are made. The whole event has a touch of the past. Hosts dressed in traditional work costumes pick grapes with visitors, serve a well-deserved brunch, and at the end, process grapes into wine in the traditional way. The men bring the harvested grapes into large jars, wooden containers, and the women mash the bunches barefoot from which the juices flow, which are collected for the further process of wine production. The whole event is accompanied by fun with song, food and wine.


Discover the secret of the tunnel in Mihanići

Going through an abandoned railway tunnel in Mihanići is a unique experience for all nature lovers who have an adventurous spirit. This 417 meters of dark and cold tunnel, buried in living rock, causes curiosity, fear, respect and admiration at the same time, and when you leave you will be greeted by one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Mediterranean. The“J”-shaped tunnel was built in the early 20th century and was part of a narrow-gauge railway connecting the Austro-Hungarian military port in the Bay of Kotor with the rest of the monarchy. The train has not passed through it since the 1960s, but in recent years it has been part of the "Ćiro" pedestrian path, which just runs along the route of the former railway. You will find out what secrets the tunnel hides if you go there. Don't forget to bring a flashlight!


Be a part of the Christmas Scent in Konavle

The Scents of Christmas event is held every December in Konavle. Numerous events, concerts and performances precede the most important part when Konavle agrotourisms, winemakers and museums open their doors for several days. The autochthonous dish of zelena menestra is prepared for a large number of visitors in households, excellent Konavle wines are offered, and with a rich accompanying program you will experience traditional Christmas in Konavle. The quality of the event is confirmed by the award which declared this the best manifestation of rural tourism in Croatia.


Riding through the dewy meadows of the Konavle field

If you are planning a vacation in Konavle, you probably already have a list of things you would like to do and experience. However, horseback riding should not be missed. A dynamic landscape full of colours and scents is special to experience if you get on a horse and ride in a picturesque environment. Regardless of previous experience, with expert guidance, you will feel like you are part of a dream. Imagine riding in dewy meadows, forests and paths in the early morning or early evening with the sounds of nature and the sound of the sea. The views will surely take your breath away, and the memories will last you a lifetime.


Get acquainted with silk production and make your own original souvenir

Konavle embroidery, the most beautiful and striking part of women's Konavle costume, has been made of domestic silk for centuries. Silk was produced in many homes in Konavle, but today only mulberry silk is grown in a few families. The process of birth and development of caterpillars and their transformation into butterflies is fascinating, during which they produce a pupa with hundreds of meters of fibers that later need to be formed into silk threads. Konavle embroidery is an important element of Konavle costume worn on the chest and around the arms, places where we wear jewelry today, and clearly speaks of the skill of embroidery, as well as the status of women. Get acquainted with the production of silk and from silk threads, with the guidance of experienced Konavle, embroider a pattern of Konavle embroidery. You will take with you the most original Konavle souvenir.


Explore Konavle by bike

Whether you prefer a sport ride or MTB, Konavle is a space tailored to every cyclist. Attractive cycling routes with moderate ascents and descents have recently attracted more and more cycling enthusiasts. You will experience the attractive view of the Konavle rocks and enchanting views of the open sea of the southern Adriatic if you take the road from Čilip to Prevlaka. Cycling from Zvekovica to Sokol grad is dynamic and passes through beautiful olive groves and cypress trees. Certainly the easiest section is from Grude to Zvekovica through the Konavle field and vineyards, and we suggest that more fit cyclists go and get to know the villages of Konavle hills and Kuna, which merge with the stone landscape. There are still many peaceful roads that connect Konavle villages and hamlets waiting for cyclists to explore them.


Conquer Sniježnica and ring the bell of St. Elijah

The colder part of the year, and especially spring, is ideal for climbing to the highest peak of the Dubrovnik area, Sniježnica. It is challenging to hike to the 1234 m high peak along the old Austro-Hungarian trail. The smell of wormwood and other aromatic mountain plants as well as the enchanting view of the Konavle valley and the Adriatic Sea make for a great way to spend a day outdoors. Cultivated mountain karst fields, ancient dry stone walls and ponds to feed livestock enhance the experience. Upon arrival at the top, be sure to ring the bell of the chapel of St. Elijah, celebrate your ascent and take a break before returning, soaking up the sun and fresh mountain air. The trail to the top is marked, and you can find a map at the local tourist board. Don't forget water and suitable footwear and clothing.


Listen to the family story of the Bokarica ethno-collection

Konavle house Bokarica, where the same family has lived since the 14th century, consists of a series of buildings, which form a rounded whole and has a Mediterranean botanical garden with about 200 species of plants. The house is full of everyday, useful objects of Konavle peasants, memories and stories. This ethno collection tells the story of a farmer, a farmer who throughout history has successfully coped with challenges and adversities, raised children and fed the Republic. Faded photographs of ancestors, from vineyards, squares, festivals, America ... record moments from the history of the family and this area. Sit behind grandmother's loom and take a walk through time with host Miho.


Feel the joys of the sea and dive into the deep blue

The rural area of Konavle combines rugged hills, a native field and a stunning clear sea that offers a handful of possibilities. The slightly harder to reach beaches at the foot of the Konavle rocks are ideal for those who want to escape from civilization, relax in the silence of beautiful nature and extremely clean sea. Tame beaches, boat trips and water sports facilities in Cavtat and Molunat provide both the opportunity for family vacations and unforgettable activities at sea. If you decide to dive into the depths of the sea, you will be enchanted by a completely new world, rich and diverse, and relax the soothing silence of the underwater world. Explore underwater reefs, caves, wrecks and the largest amphora site in Croatia!


Berite masline u konavoskim maslinicima

Posjetite nas u listopadu i studenome i sudjelujte u berbi maslina u Konavlima. Smirujuća aktivnost berbe i piknik ručak u stoljetnim maslinicima je jedinstveno iskustvo. Maslinovo ulje je jedan od najvažnijih poljoprivrednih proizvoda koje se u Konavlima proizvodilo vjekovima. Ulje je izvrsna i zdrava namirnica, njime su se do 20. st. osvjetljavale konavoske kuće, od ulja se proizvodio sapun, a imao je i simbolično značenje. S uljem je ovdje započinjao i završavao život. Danas se u Konavlima proizvodi ekstradjevičansko maslinovo ulje uglavnom od tradicijske sorte oblice. Masline treba samljeti u pastu iz koje se cijedi božansko, mirisno i ukusno ulje. Nekada se to radilo u kamenim mlinicama koje se još mogu posjetiti, a danas se u modernim uljarama.