The Cliffs of Konavle

Cliffs of Konavle sprawl from Cavtat to Molunat, two seaside tourist resorts of the coast in Konavle. Steep inaccessible cliffs that fall vertically into the sea are the only ones on the Adriatic coast and they spread in a continuous length of about 20 kilometres. The view from the rocks to the open sea as well as to the landscape of Konavle is a breathtaking experience. Along the rocks of Konavle, despite the inaccessibility, the native population found the way to approach the sea and the swimming areas hidden beneath the rocks that reach up to 200 meters.

The River Ljuta

In the protected natural landscape of the river Ljuta there is the upper stream of the river as well as its source and the reconstructed watermills and a stamp mill as an extraordinary natural and historic rural site. Since Konavle were the main granary of the Dubrovnik Republic, the system of watermills on the river Ljuta at the time represented the major economic resource.

The Mountain Sniježnica

Sniježnica is the mountain on the further south of the Dinara massif and one among 16 high mountains in Croatia. Its highest peak of 1234 metres is called the Eliah top where there is a small chapel of St.Elijah, too. A large number of mountaineers and nature lovers visit the mountain Sniježnica today. They start climbing from the village Kuna, located on 700 metres above sea level where there is a mountain lodging. The Austro-Hungarian caravan route with marked hiking trails takes the climbers to the Eliah's top. There is also a footpath from the village Mihanići to Kuna and the climbers then continue to the top of Sniježnica.


Peninsula Prevlaka closes the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. Its natural landscape values and specific microclimate it is declared a nature park. After long decades of unavailability since the time of Austro-Hungarian rule due to existence of closed military base there, now it has been opened for visitors. The fortress on the very south tip of the peninsula and Croatia is a remarkable example of fortification architecture.