Above Konavle rocks, protected coastal area of Cavtat to Radovčići stretches a walking trail that veers unique natural environment. This footpath can take you from Cavtat and Radovčići, but you can join and northern tracks from other Konavle villages where the trail passes: Popovici, Komaje, Cilipi and Močići.

On the north side of the track you can go up to Konavle agritourisms following labels and signs along the trail, visit them and eat genuine food and accommodate yourselves in one of the numerous agritourisms. On the south side of the track you can go down to the beaches and rocks beneath Konavle, of which the most famous rock is Kamen mali, Zarubača, Puvalice, Bjelina, Vapina, Luka Čilipi, Pasjača and Penđa.

The trail starts from the Church of St.Đurđe in Mečajac to Močići, where the Mithraeum, the ancient sanctuary of the god Mithras is located, whose cult was widespread in our region from the 2nd to 6th century. Along the path you can also see stone crosses that were visited in a procession during the ceremony of Blessing the fields. Along the road you can find various endemic plants, as well as wild aromatic herbs of the region.

In Popovici, directly on the track, also following the signs, you can turn to begin the path above Konavle rocks, which are characterized by many specific plants and greenery, including many endemic species.

The track is very suitable for recreational walkers, because the entire length extends to approximately the same altitude. It is marked along its entire length, and map routes you can take in the Tourist info centre in Cavtat or Agritourism of Konavle in Gruda.

  • Pješačka staza Cavtat – Radovčići