Karaman Malvasija

Karaman Malvasija

The wine "Dubrovnik's Malvasia Karaman" is the winner of the competition "The World of Malvasia" and was proclaimed the best sweet Malvasia in the world.

While enjoying in the delicious nectar drops of Malvasia you will be told stories from the first Book of Malvasia which is also the first book in Croatia about the history of a wine. The stories date back to the distant times of the Dubrovnik Republic, in 1383.

Malvasia is the wine that tells history.

Through awards and market recognition the owner and oenologist Niko Karaman gave the Malvasia wine a serious reputation and value.

Wine testing site is located in the beautiful setting surrounded by a vineyard of Malvasia who is the mother of Malvasia vineyards in our county. We will walk with you through the vineyard where we start making our wine. Come to feel the flavours of the South. Our sweet Malvasia wine will spoil your palates. Cheers!

Karaman Malvasija
Odgovorna osoba:
Niko Karaman
Podvor 59, 20217 Pridvorje
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