Name of the Agritourism: OPG Ivo Vodopić
Responsible person: Ivo Vodopić
Address: Lovorno 1, Lovorno, 20215 Gruda
Telephone: +385 (0)20 797025+385 (0)98 250 281
Web address:

The family farm household Ivo Vodopić is situated on the mild slopes of the Konavle field with a traditional wine tasting field cottage in the vineyard which offers you a moment of real emotion and pleasure. In our vineyard we grow Merlot, Maraština and the native sort of Dubrovnik region the prestigious Dubrovnik’s Malvasia. You can sample them in this cosy picturesque cottage in which creation we put our life and soul and more of all, our love for wine. We invite you to share our passion in a tour around the vineyard and in tasting our wines with delicious and elegant flavour that bear the character of the region. For wine lovers, it is a treat! 

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  • OPG Ivo Vodopić
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  • OPG Ivo Vodopić