Travel Documents

Passport or some other internationally recognized identification document. Tourist stay in Croatia is limited to three months. More information in the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Time Zone

GMT plus one hour - daylight saving time (winter time); GMT plus two hours – daylight saving time (summer time)

Electrical Voltage

220 V — 50 Hz

Post Offices in Konavle

Public phones operate using phone cards and can be purchased in the post offices, hotels and kiosks.

There are three operators of mobile networks in Croatia. They are:

All operators offer roaming service.


It is available in the most of Agrotourisms in Konavle.

National Currency

Croatian Kuna

Customs regulations: Foreign currency can be freely brought into Croatia to the amount of HRK 40.000,00 and above that amount only with the written application. The local currency is freely brought in and out to the amount of HRK 15.000,00. Tax return is possible with the possession of adequate personal documentation. More information on:


In Croatia payment is performed in kuna. Your money can be exchanged in the banks, exchange offices and post offices.


In Cavtat there is a branch of OTP Bank. In Gruda there are branches of OTP Bank and Croatian Post bank (HPB). Automated teller machines (ATM) are available in Cavtat, Čilipi, Gruda and at Dubrovnik Airport in Čilipi.


Depending on each Agrotourism individually in agreement with your host.

Health Care

Primary health care can be obtained in the health clinics in Cavtat and Gruda. All other health services tourists can receive in the City Hospital of Dubrovnik (+385 20 431 777).

Pharmacies are located in Cavtat and Gruda.

Working Time

Most of the shops are opened from 8,00 a.m. to 20,00 p.m. On Sundays in the morning. During the tourist season some shops work full-time on Sundays.


During the tourist season Croatian Radio 2nd Programme brings regularly throughout the day news and reports of the Croatian Automobile Club about the traffic in several foreign languages; English, German, Italian and Czech. This programme also broadcasts news and traffic reports of several foreign radio stations (Bavarian radio, Austrian radio, RAI, Czech radio and British Virgin radio).


Croatia has established the single European emergency number 112.

Direct security calls:

  • Police 92
  • Fire Department 93
  • Ambulance 94

Area Codes

Call number for Croatia: +385

Call number for the region: 020.

If you call from abroad it is not necessary to dial 0, so you dial +385 20.

General information: 981.